EN3Perform – How electrical is your body?

We are all bioelectrical beings. For example, your Sinoatrial Node (the heart’s natural pacemaker) provides a electrical impulse that stimulates your muscles to allow for cardiac contraction.

When you suffer cardiac arrest what do the medics do? Typically they administer an electrical charge to help stimulate the heart for normal cardiac function.

The results that EN3Perform can offer Parkinson’s suffers are very impressive when we consider each individual’s bioelectrical current and any disturbances.

These disturbances can be caused by a variety of microgalvanisms (metal in the body): amalgama fillings, surgical pins and even jewelry. Identifying and eradicating these things can help reduce pain reduction and enable you to think clearly.

Results can vary from person to person but these factors need to be eliminated to achieve the best out come. Over coming obstacles by removing these microgalvanisms (which is the interference caused to the central nervous system (CNS)) will allow you to work /function more efficiently.

Do you have have amalgama fillings and suffer with Parkinson’s? Have you had surgery that has left you with a metal plate or pin in your body? Here are some things that can help.


Walking barefoot on grass, making contact with earth actually has a grounding affect that allows the charges that is disrupting your CNS leave through your feet.

walking on grass

Biting down on a copper wire with the other end touching the base of a tap (taps are grounded), transfers excess currents from your body to allow you to become grounded. You can do this when you feel your symptoms or 3x/week for 2mins.

Simple tips that can make you feel soooo much better. Please let us know how you get on.